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Sociolinguistics Symposium 21



Sequence of Spherical Videoes – SpheroVideo - Spanish – obtained in the journey of the 2016-06-18th, acts already of closing of Sociolinguistics Symposium 21 celebrated in the Campus de La Merced of the University of Murcia.

Once initiated,
you can use the button Control to displace your field of vision
or you can press the left button of the mouse and dragging the image.

These videoes are accessible in inmersive mode,
as Virtual Reality - VR.
You have to accede from a suitable device for it.

In addition, as things stand, and in this way of production, you have to
“downloading the YouTube official application for your device ”.

Lunch break 1

For VR in mobile devices, URL:

Lunch break 2

For VR in mobile devices, URL:

Sociolinguistics: Milestones and Challenges

For VR in mobile devices, URL:

Close & SS22

For VR in mobile devices, URL:


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